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Booking & Registration

Kids & Teens Dance Classes
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Book your trial class

Try first, without having to sign up and to pay for a full term.

A trial class can be booked only in the first two to three weeks of the term (depending on when the classes are full). Only the remaining classes of the term will have to be paid. If you're both happy to continue, we will send you an invoice for a bank transfer and ask you to sign up your child to the Kids & Teens Dance Club.

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Book a Trial or get on a Waiting List
Select the date for the trial or the waiting list

Thanks for your booking!

Sign up your child to the Kids & Teens Club

If your child has done a trial and would like to join the club and the class, please fill in the form 'Sign Up to Join The Kids & Teens Club' further down.

We will email you an invoice for the payment of the term (or the rest of the term). 

Once your child is signed up to the club and the term is paid, the place in the club and in the classes is continuously secured, unless you cancel at least 4 weeks before the start of the next term. Like this no one else can book the space of your child, unless you have told us that your child is giving up their place. See in our cancellations policy

The London Dance Studio Kids & Teens Club
Terms & Conditions

(including Cancellation Policy)


Payment is per term. If your child misses a class it cannot be refunded, as the place in the club and the class is occupied by your child. 

We keep the place for your child in the club and class for the following term to allow us to tailor the programme to your childs progress and to plan for the classes, but also to avoid disappointment for you and your child as new parents might try to book early.

In case you want your child to discontinue in the next term, you need to cancel in writing (email or letter) at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the following term at which time invoices wil be issued. Otherwise you will be charged for 4 weeks.

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