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Medal Tests

A wonderful way to progress with your dancing

Medal tests are a great way of providing students with a goal to work towards, increasing dance knowledge, technique and artistic quality.  Medal Tests boost students’ self-confidence and provide a structured approach to measuring progress. We prepare students of any age or level for medal tests with the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing).

How to prepare

Group classes are a great way start to learn, then you agree with the teacher to prepare you in individual lessons. Your teacher will teach you the appropriate dance routines, styling and technique, make you a better dancer and dance partner and then partner you during the test, unless you take the lessons and the medal test with your dance partner.

How a medal test works

At the medal test students perform their dance routines in Latin, Ballroom, American Smooth, Salsa, Argentine Tango etc with their teacher or dance partner in front of an examiner of the ISTD who will score them appropriately. Then each student will receive a certificate of achievement and medals depending on the level of syllabus they are demonstrating, assuming they passed. The teacher advises a student when they are ready to do the test to avoid failing.

The Medal Grades for Children, Teenagers and Adults are:

  • Social Dance Test

  • Pre-Bronze

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Gold Star

  • Dance Awards

For Kids there are also 'Under 6' and 'Under 8' Social Dance Tests. 


A syllabus represents a list of the common dance figures and actions of each dance, that are internationally agreed, written down in technique books and are sorted in levels from Pre-Bronze to Gold level.  

Next dates:

7th Dec 2023

21st March 2024

4th July 2024

5th Dec 2024

We're giving our students several times a year the chance to take part in medal tests and professional exams. Dead line to apply to take part is 6 weeks before the medal test/

exam date. Contact us or your teacher.

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