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Wedding First Dance

We all know how important your big day is and we would love to help you make it perfect!

Whether you just want to learn some basic moves and dance them with confidence or have something choreographed especially to your favourite piece of music, at London Dance Studio we will find the right solution for you.

How many lessons do I need?

Our experience shows that five Wedding lessons (see our Bronze Package) are usually enough to pick up a few basics or even learn a simple routine, as long as you practice a bit at home. This also gives you the time to improve and smoothen out the edges under supervision of a teacher. Seven to ten Wedding lessons give you time to learn a more or less elaborated choreography or gives you more time to learn, practice, get help from your teacher and become even more confident. It is also possible to pick up some basics of another dance or some clubbing moves to prepare for your Wedding Reception. Have a look at our Wedding Packages>.

How to secure your Wedding Lessons

Contact us > to arrange your first lesson. Then pay for your Wedding Package >Or if you want to try first, pay for one lesson > or schedule one private lesson online > (The 50% discount there does NOT apply for Wedding lessons). Your lesson is only booked for you once it's paid. You could then use the lesson payment for your Package. We'd arrange that for you.

Please provide the following information with your booking:

  • your Wedding date

  • your music or dance style, if you have chosen it, or a short list, or if would like help with that

  • the earliest time in the afternoon or evening you can be in the studio on Mondays to Thursdays

The teacher will contact you to get some first orientation before the first lesson. We aim to make a plan for your lesson dates and times as soon as possible, to secure the time of your personal teacher and avoid disappointment.

At your first lesson

You'll have your consultation to discuss details and make a plan.


- We'll ask you about your vision of your First Dance, about your First Dance venue, your outfits and the plans around your dance.

- We'll listen to your chosen music or your personal short list of 3-5 songs (please bring them on your device), show you which dance style or moves could go well with it, start with teaching a few dance steps to get a feeling for what would suit you.

- We'll confirm your other lesson bookings and arrange the payment of your Wedding Package. The first lesson payment will be refunded or deducted. You can pay your Wedding Package in cash, per bank transfer or online booking on this page.

You are with the experts!

Our experienced dance professionals have worked with many wedding couples and civil partnerships in the past, helping them to be confident on the day and to deliver choreographed bespoke routines, if desired. You too can impress your friends and family!

Wedding Party
Undecided ?

Drop us an email with your mobile number and availability and let's talk.

Contact us.

Take your first step and book one lesson including consultation and try it out. You could use that then as the first lesson of your package. We arrange that for you.

Best seller
Bronze Package

5 lessons, £330

Silver Package

7 lessons, £450

Best value
Gold Package

10 lessons, £620

Buy in person (cash), by bank transfer to the teacher.

Wed pack

Location >

Contact us to arrange the lessons >



Teaching days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the venue or online. Your teacher might be able to offer you additional lessons on the weekend at other studios.

Contact us if you can't find an available slot in the online booking system. We should be able to find another slot for you, as not all of our teachers have put their availability online.

Terms and Conditions

A dance lesson must be paid in advance. Wedding packages must be fully paid after the first lesson; in cash during the first lesson, by bank transfer or online on this page. The consultation is taking part during your first lesson.

When you book a private lesson you are booking a teacher, not the dance floor. There may be other lessons occurring at the same time and the teachers will take turns with the music.

Cancellation Policy!

​London Dance Studio holds a 48-hour cancellation notice policy ​for any alterations or cancellations to your booking. Any cancellations or rescheduling outside the 48-hour period will be charged.

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