Wedding First Dance

Lessons at the studio are back since 12 April. We still offer online lessons or lessons in the park, whatever suits you, your time, travel and safety considerations best.  Covid safety measures apply.

We all know how important your big day is and we would love to help you make it perfect!

Whether you just want to learn some basic moves or choreograph something special to your favourite piece of music, at London Dance Studio we will find the right solution for you. You can always attend a group dance class or use the 50% off your first lesson offer, that's an excellent start, but to be really ready and confident for the day it will take a more.


If you book a Wedding lesson package we provide you with the full service package and attend to all the small details that prepare you for you first dance on your big day, and this for only a few GB Pounds more per lesson, getting cheaper by the number of lessons in a package. A 10.5 lesson package is even cheaper then pay as you go! One of our experienced teacher will spend a lot of time, even outside your lessons, to give you the best experience on your big day, choreograph your personalised routine between the lessons, edit your music if needed. If you book your lessons pay as you go, the teacher will choreograph and provide any other service during the lesson and you will have less teaching time.


The magic of a dance routine, if very simple or elaborated, will do the trick on your confidence, as you know exactly what to do when. With a wedding package your teacher will spend lots of time to adapt the steps to your music, which is the art of choreographing. Not only it feels great, but it also looks great and will also impress your audience, your family and friends.

Our experienced dance professionals have worked with many wedding couples and civil partnerships in the past helping them to deliver choreographed bespoke routines. You too can impress your friends and family!

Why not have a Wedding reception on Zoom?

We can help to prepare your First dance for your Zoom reception in case you can't do it in person with all the restrictions, or if too many important people missed out. If you want to show a video, we can advise you on recording and help with the editing.

COVID-secure MEASURES IN THE STUDIO: We comply with governments safety regulations, apply  hygienic measures, have limited numbers of people in the hall, teach with social distancing to keep households or bubbles apart and mask are mandatory to keep everyone including our staff safe. Only people who live together or form a bubble can dance together. The lesson time is cut to 45 minutes from 50 minutes to be able to clean in between and keep everyone apart. In the park we can teach without a mask as long we keep social distancing between teaqcher and students.

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Wedding Party
Undecided whether to go for a package or pay as you go?

Drop us an email and book a 50% off first lesson and let us help you decide the most suitable plan for you! Contact us.

50% off  your first lesson, if you want to try first.
50% Off Your First Lesson

Try first. Then choose a package or pay as you go. If you'd like to continue with a package we can take the price and the lesson off your wedding package

£ 28


The most efficient way. Your teachers choreographs between the lessons, no time wasted. 

3 lessons including consultation and your teacher's allround service.

£ 224

5 lessons including consultation and your teacher's allround service

£ 319

7 lessons including consultation and your teacher's allround service

£ 419



10 lessons including consultation and your teacher's allround service

£ 550

Buy in person (cash or bank transfer) or online >

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Teaching days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday at the venue and online. On weekends we can offer online or in the park at the moment. Later we'll be able to offer dance venues.

Contact us if you can't find a slot available online. We should be able to find another slot for you, as not all of our teachers have put their availability online.

How many lessons do I need?


Everyone learns at a different pace so it is impossible to tell you how many lessons you will need. It depends on your abilities, what you want to achieve, on the song/dance you choose for your dance, how elaborated your dance routine or your dance steps are, how much you practice in between lessons and whether you have any previous dance experience.

From our experience about 5 dance lessons is usually enough to learn some basic steps or a simpler routine and have enough practice with your teacher to gain confidence for your big day, if you practice a bit in between lessons. Many customers add then a few extra lessons by pay as you go to become even more confident. Some save money and take right from the start advantage of the 7 or 10 lesson package and have then enough time with 100% professional attention, maybe learn more than one dance or a more intricate routine.

The choice is yours!

Your Wedding lesson package. It includes consultation about music and dance style, your dance lessons, your teacher's preparation and choregraphing to create your very personal dance, if it is just some steps or a choreography, and from 5 lessons also the editing of your music (tempo, length, fading in or out, to make it perfect).

You always can just book a lesson or two in our booking system, but all you get are some Basic steps like in a dance class as the teacher has not enough time to really adapt your steps to your abilities and to the music, no time to edit your music and a part of the time will be used by the consultation because we still want to understand your wishes and needs. But you can always upgrade to a Wedding package which gives you our full service.

Terms and Conditions

Individual lessons need to be booked in advance and are subject to the teachers availability. All wedding packages must be fully paid in advance; in cash during the first lesson or online. Your first lesson can be included in the package and deducted if you have paid for it online.


Each lesson lasts for at the moment 45 minutes instead of 50 minutes to give us time to clean in between.

When you book an individual lesson you are booking a teacher, not the dance floor. There may be other lessons occurring at the same time and the teachers will take turns with the music.

Cancellation Policy!

​London Dance Studio holds a 48-hour cancellation notice policy ​for any alterations or cancellations to your booking. Any cancellations outside the 48-hour period, will require full payment.