Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes in West London

West Kensington, Hammersmith, Fulham area

Ballroom & Latin
Monday 3 week classes 

Focus on 2 dances for 3 weeks.

Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate levels.


Couples and Solo-dancers are welcome.

Covid measures in place.

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Any new customer who subscribes to our newsletter gets a dance class for only £1 at our Wednesday Weekly or Saturday Dance in the Park (in person & online) classes. T&C apply.

Shoe Fitting
50% off your first dance lesson!

We teach in the studio, in the park &  online, whatever suits you. Lessons for individuals, couples & wedding couples


We are a dance studio located in the beautiful St. Andrew's church, Greyhound Road, London W14 9SA and are affiliated with the prestigious ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing). Our services:


Group classes, video coursesIndividual lessons in person and online, parties, preparation for Wedding first dances, for Viennese Balls, Medal Exams, Dance competitions and Show Cases, all in International style.

At the London Dance Studio you have the choice whether to lead or follow and you don't need a partner to join in. Our Monday group classes are for Solo-dancers or Dance couples, the Wednesday and Saturday group classes are at the moment for Solo-dancing only.

Ballroom Dance Couple, London Dance Studio
Individual  Lessons

50% discount for your first lesson. Learn at your own pace and with 100% professional attention.

In person or online by Zoom.

Ballroom and Latin Group Classes London, Hammersmith, Fulham, West Kensington, Barons Court
Group Classes

In person or on Zoom: 

Monday 3 - 6 Weeks Ballroom & Latin Classes, Solo-Latin & Line dance: at Wednesday Weekly Classes & at Saturday in the Park.

Video courses: learn wherever, whenever at your own pace.

Beginners to Advanced 

Wedding London First Dance, Civil Partnership, Ballroom and Latin Choreography
Wedding First Dance Tuition

50% discount for your first lesson. We prepare you to be confident on your wedding day!  In person or online by Zoom.