Monday 3 week

Latin & Ballroom

Latin & Ballroom Beginners 1 & 2.
7pm to 8pm. 
Latin & Ballroom
Improvers & Intermediate
8pm to 9pm.
At the studio 
or on Zoom or flexible

Take part at our studio at St Andrews or join the live-streaming of the class on Zoom. If you have booked for the studio, but can't make a class, for whatever reason, you can still join online (stuck at the office or at home, have to self-isolate, etc.). 

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Covid-secure measures

in place at the studio. Details.

Try first, then decide

If you want to try a class or a dance (only possible for week one of a three week class), book a Drop-In ticket. If you like the class, you could upgrade and pay the difference to the full three week class price or get an even bigger discount by booking three 3 week classes (a total of nine weeks) at the end of the evening (card only). 

Save up to £45!

You can choose between booking

- a more expensive Drop-In ticket to try a class or a dance (only week one)

- a 3 week class or

- a three times 3 week classes-package (nine weeks), which saves about 15%. As a London dance studio member you could save up to £45 or about 25%.


Depending on the numbers, Beginners 1 and 2 might be combined in one group, the same for Improvers and Intermediate. In that case we'll provide more technical input for the higher level dancers.

  • Beginners 1: Absolute Beginners, first Basic steps

  • Beginner 2: learned that dance before, First Basic steps and Pre-Bronze figures

  • Improvers: one year of dancing, Pre-Bronze and Bronze figures

  • Intermediate: two years of dancing, Bronze and Silver figures

(Advanced see Ralf Schiller's Masterclass)

Two dances per class, but one dance for six weeks

As we repeat one dance in the next class, you have the chance to practice one dance for six weeks.

We do Latin or Ballroom for small spaces

(you need a space of 2m by 2m if you join from home or office).

While we're in Tier 4:

The class will be online while we're in TIER 4 and we offer you as compensation 15 minutes free coaching per week, per person. 


As soon we're allowed, we'll be back in the studio at St Andrews.

Three week classes:​​​​
  • Rumba & Salsa

14-28 December

  • Cha Cha Cha & Rumba

4-18 January 2021

  • Waltz & Cha Cha Cha

25 Jan-8 Feb

  • Jive & Waltz

15 Feb-1 Mar

  • Foxtrot (American Smooth) & Jive

8 Mar-22 Mar

  • Cha Cha Cha & Foxtrot (American Smooth)

29 Mar, 12, 19 Apr

  • Tango & Cha Cha Cha

26 Apr, 10, 17 May

  • Salsa & Tango

24 May, 7, 14 June

  • Rumba & Salsa

21, 28 June, 5 July

Covid safety measures

While we are allowed to be in the studio:

Couples from the same household or bubble are allowed to dance together, all others are doing solo dancing for now, in their roles as leaders or followers. Social distancing, hand sanitiser stations, all used surfaces are sanitised, marked boxes on the dance floor, masks (if there are clear medical reasons, we lend you a face shield), restricted numbers of participants according to safety regulations and available space, one way system in & out, doors kept open for ventilation.

Take part at the studio. 
join on Zoom 

from the comfort of your home or from the office. We're live-streaming the teaching and the dance steps are for small spaces, to make sure that you could join from home, if you rather stay at home or you have to. In that case book the online class.


You can book for the class the studio, at St Andrews, but join online if you have to in between. Or join from the office if you had to work late.

If you book the online class 

we give you a better deal, as we can use the extremely limited space in the studio for someone else and you get naturally less attention from the teacher as we're live-streaming the teaching in the studio. But you can still secure the attention of your teacher, even undivided!

You could choose

a) the online class only


b) our value package (class plus 3x 15 minutes private online coaching, plus weekly video of the learned steps).


With coaching, you get help, guidance and additional technique input. Stay in touch with your teacher, have fun, get undivided attention and stay motivated through the weekly personal coaching.​


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